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DRPU Greeting Card Maker Software 8.3

It lets you design and create best quality greeting cards (See all)

Though a classic and rather old method of communicating positive information, greeting cards are still far from obsolete. They're still widely used, regardless if they take the old paperback form or the newer, modern one of electronic documents that can be sent via e-mails or shared online using other various methods.

DRPU Greeting Card Maker Software is a nice and handy application that lets you easily create customized greeting cards which you may print to paper (setting various types of folding is also possible) or save as digital files (image files, PDF documents). It can create greetings cards for various occasions, like birthdays, weddings, congratulations, and so on.

In my opinion, the best thing about DRPU Greeting Card Maker Software is the fact that it offers an impressively large number of customization possibilities. You can create fully personalized cards that look exactly as you want, with the shapes, colors, images, backgrounds, fonts, and other elements that you like. Every little aspect of the card can be changed to your liking. Anyway, despite its comprehensive options and functions, DRPU Greeting Card Maker Software is also easy to use. It offers a neat and straightforward interface that even beginners can use without any problems. It also features handy templates that help you get started with creating your cards without having to begin completely from scratch.

To sum it all up, DRPU Greeting Card Maker Software is a really powerful and efficient tool that helps you create great-looking greeting cards in a really easy manner.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports handy templates, neatly categorized by type
  • Many customization options


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